The easiest way to arrive in Panajachel from the airport is to take a Shuttle (leaving during the day every 30-60min in front of the exit for about 80Q) to Antigua.
From there you can take another Shuttle to Panajachel. Common departure times are 5am, 10.30am, 12pm, 16pm, they cost also about 80Q/person and will drop you off directly at the hostel.

For an authentic experience you can also make your way with the famous public “Chickenbus” from Antigua. It is a cheap way to travel but not as comforting as a shuttle, since you need to change buses several times and they can be pretty full (no seat guaranteed).


  1. Antigua – Chimaltenango;
  2. Chimaltenango – Los Encuentros;
  3. Los Encuentros – Solola;
  4. Solola – Panajachel(exit at the bus stop after the gas station or at the church);

The price for coming with public transportation should be between 30 to 35 GTQ.


Route Time Price
Panajachel – Antigua 12pm, 4pm 80Q
Pana – Antigua 5am, 9, 12, 16 80Q
Pana – Guate 5am, 9, 12, 16 175Q
Pana – Coban, Lanquin, Semuc 07:30 am 200Q
Pana – Chichi-Pana 8am Thurs.+Sund./ return 14 90Q
Pana – Chichi- Antigua 8am Thurs.+Sund./ Antigua 14 135Q
Pana – Xela 06:30, 9, 4pm 150Q
Pana – Huetenango 06:30 200Q
Pana – La Mesilla 06:30 200Q
Pana – San Cristobal 06:30 250Q
Pana – Rio Dulce, Puerto Barrios 5 300Q
Pana – Flores 5, 16 425Q
Pana – La Libertad, el Tunco, el Zonte 05:00 250Q
Antigua – El Tunco 8am direct 190Q
Pana – Monterrico, el Paredon 5, 9 225Q
Pana – Leon 9.30, 12, 16 antigua – 4am 525Q
Pana – Copan 9.30, 12,16 antigua – 4am 250Q
Pana – La Ceiba 9.30, 12, 16 antigua – 3am 630Q
Semuc – Flores 7 200Q
Pana – Tapachula 6.30 Saturday 260Q

We also can arrange your shuttle to arrive in Panajachel, just write us a message!