Aldous Huxley consider Lake Atitlan one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, “It is really too much of a good thing”. Some people also believe that part of Saint Exupery most famous book, the little prince was inspired by this lake while he spend some time in Guatemala after a plane crash, if you look closely even perhaps you can see a snake that just ate an elephant. The magic of this lake is indiscutible and definitly one of the most authentic places you will find in Guatemala.
The best view of the lake you will have from the top of one of the surrounding volcanos Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro or from the popular viewpoint Indians Nose, or you enjoy the lake from closeby whilst going kayaking, Jet-Skiing, Flyboarding, Paddleboarding or simply swimming!

Panajachel itself is with its Nature Reserve, several museums and its only a few minutes pick up ride away neighbouring villages, that are famous for their artful pottery and weavery, a great natural and cultural destination. For the ones looking for a thrill it gives the opportunity to go Ziplining in the nature reserve, Paragliding or horseback riding in a village nearby.